Timer not showing – Main reasons and solutions

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Last Update 2 года назад

The product page timer does not appear below the add-to-cart button

The main reason why a product page timer might not be appearing on your product page is that it’s conflicting with other apps or your theme. By default, a timer appears below the add-to-cart button. However, if you have other applications that replace that button or add additional buttons to the page (usually pre-order, bundle, or sticky cart button apps), it might not be displayed in the right location. Here is the easiest solution:

- If your theme supports Online Store 2.0 app emebed, turn on countdown timer app embed on your Theme editor

Other reasons why the timer might not be showing:

The product is not published

The timer only appears for the Shopify products that are set as "Active." It will not appear on the "Draft" product preview pages.

"Custom position" placement.

If you've chosen the custom position as your placement option, you have to manually add code snippets provided.

You have recently changed a theme, and the timer disappeared.

Each time you change the theme, you have to re-enable the Countdown Timer app-embed in your theme editor.

The timer is scheduled for the future.

Make sure your timer start date is not set for the future. If it is, the timer will only appear on that date.

The timer is set to be hidden once it runs out.

If you’re using the Fixed minutes or Daily recurring timer that is set to be hidden when the time ends, the timer will disappear from your store. Change this setting to "Do nothing" to see if the timer appears where it should.

Other common problems and solutions:

The timer doesn't appear with an unpublished theme.

If you want the timers to appear in an unpublished theme, you have to enable the  app-embed in your theme editor for that particular theme.

The timer doesn’t appear after I switch store languages.

If your theme supports Online Store 2.0 app emebed, add the timer as an app emebed

The timer doesn’t appear on other store domains.

It could be related to a caching issue. Contact the support, and we’ll happy to resolve it.

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